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As of January 1, 2008, Carroll County no longer has animal control. If you have a need for animal control, or would like to voice your opinion and live in the county, you can contact your Township Trustee.
If you live in city limits, contact your Town Clerk.

The following is a list of Township Trustees:
  • Adams Township Carmen Slavens 574-943-3523
  • Burlington Township Al Jackson 765-566-2196
  • Carrollton Township Rebecca Phillips 574-859-3303
  • Clay Township Marla Milazzo 765-589-3159
  • Deer Creek Township Doris McLeland 574-686-2931
  • Democrat Township Clayton Hutson 765-268-2442
  • Jackson Township Bill Dittman 574-686-2260
  • Jefferson Township Rex Millhouse 574-965-2532
  • Liberty Township Mark Justice 574-652-3451
  • Madison Township Dwaine Ward 765-268-2302
  • Monroe Township Sara Hanaway 574-967-3194
  • Rockcreek Township Brian Nipple 574-686-2074
  • Tippecanoe Township Joann Vianco 765-564-4221
  • Washington Township Lois Wallace 574-859-2695
The following is a list of the Town Clerk Telephone Numbers:

  • Camden Town Office 574-686-2121
  • Delphi City Clerk 765-564-2097
  • Flora Town Office 574-967-4844

This also means that we will not come out for squirrels, possums, racoons, or any other type of non-domesticated animal. If you have a problem with one of these animals, you can call the Nuisance Wildlife Hotline at:1-800-893-4116.

For help with nuisance wildlife you can contact the following:
  • Indiana Wildlife Specialties 877-IWS-2DAY (24 hour service)
  • Blankenship's Nuisance Animal Control 765-891-1328 (24 hour service)
  • Nuisance Wildlife Professionals 260-571-0143