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Bond information

Bonds can be posted 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are now accepting credit card payments for Bond. The cardholder must be present and is required to present a valid photo ID issued by the BMV to the processing officer in order to utilize this service. The cardholder's next statement will reflect a charge to: PayTRUST Solutions, Inc.
PayTRUST Solutions, Inc. will charge a bail transaction fee for utilizing their payment processing service. This non-refundable fee will be added to the total amount owed to the agency to satisfy the Cash or 10% bail requirement.

We also still accept cash.

Registered Bondsmen in Carroll County

  • Addington Bonds Dennis Addington 800-606-4991 765-564-2226
  • Alice Flowers 866-562-5871
  • Deborah Gerlach 574-965-2020 866-632-9008 765-412-4237
  • Craig Devault 765-742-0043
  • AAA Robins Bail Bonds Rebecca Mansfield, Robert Schnepp, or Linda Stamper 800-398-0755 765-742-0043 (call collect)
  • All out Bond Linda Farner 800-950-7364 765-564-2165 (office) 765-564-6127 (home) 765-430-7999 (cell)
  • Al or Karey Putman 800-257-8883
  • American Bonding Company Matthew or Louis Quirk 574-583-8242
  • American Bonding Beverly or David Akers 866-457-1699 or 765-457-1699
  • American Bonding Joe Moss 765-564-2226
  • Apple Bonds Jerry Apple 800-710-2421 765-348-9901 (office) 765-348-9004
  • Lisa's Bail Bonds Lisa Heaston 765-427-4130
  • James' Bonds Jim or Lois Robertson or Delana Robbins 800-947-3884 or 765-742-7655 (call collect)
  • Kenneth Weppler 574-946-7788 or 574-946-6727
  • Smith Bonds Steve Smith 800-947-3884 765-491-2320 765-564-4613

Visitation Information

The visitation procedures are as follows:

  1. Each inmate must be incarcerated for a minimum of five days before they are allowed to have visitors.
  2. Each inmate must notify his or her visitors by writing or calling and explain visitation procedures.
  3. There will be only three visitors per inmate admitted each visitation day, (this includes each child visiting). Each visitor will have five minutes. If time allows the Jail Officer may extend the visitors' time.
  4. There will no longer be an an age limit for persons who would like to visit. Children under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children must be the biological child of the inmate. You may be asked for ID.
  5. If your name is not on the visitation list, you will not be permitted to visit. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  6. No Convicted felons, anyone on probation, or out on bond will be permitted to visit.
  7. Inmates have the right to refuse visitation.
  8. The Jail Officer has the right to revoke visitation at any time if the visitor or inmate does not conform to the rules.
  9. The inmates can change their visitation list every fourteen (14) days.

      Visitation Hours:
      Cells D, E, F, G, & H Wednesday 7:00p.m.-9:00p.m.

      Cells A, B, & C Saturday 12:30p.m. - 4:30p.m.

    Inmate money

    • The Carroll County Sheriff's Office accepts money orders and cash for the inmate commissary.
    • Money Orders can be dropped off any time or they can be mailed.
    • The money order must have the inmate's name on it.

    Inmate Mail

    • All incoming mail must have the inmate's name on it.
    • All non-privileged incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband.
    • Subscriptions to magazines and newspapers, or books will not be accepted. Pornographic or other unacceptable materials will not be permitted.
    • The only items that are acceptable through the mail are letters and money orders.

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